Lockdown Week 4

Another week in lockdown and our review of the relevant points in Marketing this week. We highlight two WFH webinars, an interesting view from Craig Mawdsley, review the links below – and some that frankly made us smile.


  1. The Cog Blog from BJ&A: This one looks at what the agency world will look like after lockdown on return. Whether you follow the Hoffman view, or the Ritson view there will be less money to go around, by far the majority of costs in agencies is staff – agencies will have to cut back. There are already signs of this with the holding companies preparing themselves, the markets, and their staff for redundancies. An unfortunate, but inevitable position.

Here is the link:



  1. The Marketing Society this week had a Global webinar from 7 markets, chaired by the outgoing CEO Gemma Greaves. This looked at the challenges Marketers face and how they can act smartly. The key points are included below: The pandemic allows the resetting of communication values; the opportunity to leapfrog for direct to consumer businesses; it’s time to stop thinking like marketer and think more like owner; when consumers are going to reward people that speak plainly and share empathy with them. Edward Bell (from Cathay Pacific) drew on the learnings from SARS and that how it was the time for the craziest ideas, now is the time to go for it. For marketers the need to manage your time well between problem solving, forecasting and time spent on Zoom calls. Our view remains marketing is ‘responsible for growth’ as soon as the lockdown is lifted the drive for growth will be absolutely insane.

Here is the link of the summary:



The big news from Procter and Gamble came this week. P&G are ramping up marketing amid coronavirus demand: ‘This is not a time to go off-air’. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, advertisers are all grappling with the same quandary: to spend or not to spend. Procter & Gamble has committed to the former. So with Essity, Kimberly-Clark and P&G upping spend, and with Essity appointing AMV BBDO for paper, the battle for loo roll leadership is set to be supported by new advertising.


We highlight Craig Mawdsley’s view on Think with Google, ‘How to lead brands through the steepest learning curve of our professional lives’. It’s a positive spin and a good condensed read. His tips: ‘Don’t be self serving; don’t be cynical; don’t talk like an organisation. Do the right thing, and keep doing it when this ends.’



Time for the work: Congratulations for NHS work this week, the Stay at Home campaign delivered by St Lukes, and Uncommon for producing this creative work for ITV under lockdown. Brilliant!



Our Weekly Applause: goes to R\GA New York, when asked for a photo of the senior management team for the AdAge awards, they responded with an image of everyones first name that works there. Great response, they’re all equally wonderful.





The talk of marketing’s terrible buzzwords, whether the excruciating use of  ‘circling back’, ‘diarise’, ‘deepdive’ upsets you – the word ‘Ideate’  (with nearly 4000 votes) is the winner in BBH’s World Cup Series of Marketing’s most terrible buzzwords.





And finally, it’s not often you get the HRH to do a comedy sketch with Stephen Fry, BBC’s ‘The Big Night In’ featured this week with Comic relief and Children in Need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_ifv6ZOuvw


So another week passes, sanity in Henley comes from frequent exercise and walks along the river. We are in lockdown (for another two weeks), but fortunate to live in such a lovely area. We’re here to help you on your marketing /agency review projects from home for now, or over Zoom, so do get back intouch.


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