Lockdown Week 8

Week 8 of lockdown, our penultimate Round-up of the relevant points in Marketing. We’ve chosen three webinars, a live event podcast and a number of articles this week. Good reads for the long weekend – that help define the future of our industry.


For senior marketeers, it gives you a round-up, whilst preparing for the easing of lockdown. For those furloughed, we hope it gives you an edge for when you return to work. More and more, a sense of normality is returning – Walkers started seeing agency presentations this week – ending 22 years of cherished work with AMV. Mini has appointed Anomaly. We hope other projects will resume as brands start to re-ignite.


  1. First up this week, how UK brands can survive Covid-19 and it’s another important webinar by Kantar – the 15th May Webinar looked at Reactivating Demand – what are the right signals to send – it’s good content and a well produced series of webinars. Many brands are facing ‘Demand shock’ that is going to go on for some time.

Here is the link: https://www.kantar.com/en/Inspiration/Coronavirus/WEBINAR-How-brands-can-survive-the-COVID-19-crisis


  1. Secondly, a live event from R/GA. This one by Barry Wacksman, discusses the DNA of Connected brands and how human centred innovation can not only drive businesses but also move culture in a connected world. Barry this week celebrated 21 years at the same company, we felt that warranted a bit of a celebration. R/GA produce some of the most remarkable work, his podcast looks at the Connected brand and a behind the scenes look at Pepsico next billion dollar sparkling water brand. R/GA launched Bubly in absolute record time, a story really well told, it’s an inspiring listen and great work.

Here is the link: https://www.rga.com/futurevision/pov/rga-live-jess-greenwood-barry-wacksman?utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=futurevision


  1. Thirdly, it was Havas New Business’ turn for a Webinar on Covid-19 – they presented from two of their global studies; covering 28 countries from Re-act and from Beyond Covid-19 – delivering a new Prosumer report. Marianne Hurstel and Sébastien Houdusse presented this webinar which goes through the proprietary data, how the study reveals the radicalisation of consumer expectations around the world. Their data shows half of the people believe this crisis is linked to the climate crisis. However, some interesting points on trust in government, the impact on economic, democratic and social crisis.

Here is the link: https://havascontenthub.com/webinars


  1. Fourthly, we turn to Leo Rayman and Grey Consulting, it has to be said a fairly relaxed series of webinars Distance Resistance but thought provoking. This is a link to all the Distance Resistance events. A couple of weeks back they ran an excellent one on Predicting the future. This one #6 looks at ‘the new normal’ – whilst we may be headed back to as it was before, only 9% want back to back to the normal. Is this an opportunity to build us a ‘better normal’. Leo introduces the 5 R’s:- What are you going to Remember, what will you Retain, what will you Replicate, what will you Remove, and what will you Recruit for the future. Thought provoking and an unusual line up of speakers.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCscPvszdQs_LaAvnh3itMxQ/featured


  1. Fifthly, something a bit different – we turn to the Harvard Business Review, and a great piece by Bain on the Agile C-Suite and agile leadership teams. If a company wants to move fast on its feet and transform customer experiences, out pace competitors, and ramp up agile – then the senior teams needs to follow agile principles too. So to design a better business process, this is worth a read and it comes in Podcast format as well. https://hbr.org/2020/05/the-agile-c-suite


  1. Lastly, MDC Partners latest research’s finding shows that 69% of American Consumers say “living in freedom” is the top factor of the American Dream.  There are some conflicted findings – empathy vs. generational divide on C-19 safety precautions, and the want to “reopen” vs. worry that it may be premature for businesses to return.  With each tension comes an insight that provides a line of sight into the evolving mindset of the American consumer. The most recent wave of research The Harris Poll between May 15 – 17 covers 1,961 American consumers.

Here is the link: https://hub.mdc-partners.com.


Agency news: the new agency to be run by James Murphy and David Golding is to be called ‘New Commercial Arts’ – Soho based and defying convention, it’s launching in the midst of a recession. We provided A&E with their first pitch as they became A&E DDB. We’re sure it won’t be long before this agency is purring, this just might be the shake-up the UK new business market needs. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ad-agency-new-commercial-arts-defies-coronavirus-crisis-xfjf9wbbs


Media highlight of the week: An excellent report by Goodstuff communications on the ISBA / PWC Analysis of Programatic – titled the Unknown delta – it really needs to be sorted out together. https://goodstuff.co.uk/the-unknown-delta/


Time for the Work: It’s Chapeau! to Uncommon London, for their work for ITV and Mental health week. Certainly the OTW agency at the moment, and the one that seems to be following an ambitious start up trajectory. https://medium.com/@uncommonLDN/itv-uncommon-remind-the-nation-to-reach-out-to-one-another-this-mental-health-awareness-week-385ef2df77b9


Arise: A knighthood this week for Captain Tom Moore for NHS fundraising.


Back to Henley: Well the river is now open, and sunshine. Ahoy! Shipmates, what a view, no booms this year as there’s no regatta, but come along and enjoy some sun.





And finally: a spotlight on Bray eateries this week. With London being off bounds for most ‘commuters’ for the foreseeable future. What a choice Bray has, (and all reopening from July 4th) the choice: Heston’s trio – The Fat Duck, the Crown, and the Hinds Head. Alain Roux at the Waterside. And food relief the Hinds Head Bray has opened up an at home service. https://mailchi.mp/hindsheadbray/the-hinds-head-at-home?e=2408c7990c


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