Lockdown Week 9

Our final Weekly Round-up (Week 9 of UK lockdown) – we pick the key articles in Marketing this week that help define the future of our industry. We’ve chosen two webinars, a podcast, and a couple of articles. Given feedback we will try and continue to do these monthly, but for now, this is our lockdown finale. Time to get back to projects, fire the engines, and get Britain’s advertising economy moving again.


For senior marketeers in England non-essential shops will open again on the 15th June, a  welcome return of football on 17th June as well as an easing of the number of people you can meet. For those furloughed – we hope the roundup has been helpful, as more forms of normality are returning. A final clapping night this week for our NHS and key workers.


  1. First up this week: The Marketing Society held another webinar this week, titled a Global Conversation, it drew on leaders across the globe, chaired by outgoing CEO Gemma Greaves. It was interesting how Singapore and Hong Kong are nearly over Coronavirus – that India is yet to hit its peak. The standout theme was that from consumers to colleagues, people come first and that post-pandemic, it’s up to marketers to ensure that humanity remains at the centre of our businesses. Whilst connectiveness and streamlining business is happening those businesses that do it right will be rewarded long term.

Here are the seven soundbites: https://www.marketingsociety.com/event-review/seven-soundbites-our-global-conversation


  1. Secondly, Kantar produced another good webinar as part of their series how brands can survive the Covid 10 crisis. The latest last week ‘Are we ready to get our heads out of the sand?’ Jane Bloomfield presents the series - the uncertainty brought by COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to make decisions quickly. The situation is changing people’s lives and its effects on the economy are already being felt across different sectors.

Here is the link to the series: https://www.kantar.com/inspiration/coronavirus/webinar-how-brands-can-survive-the-covid-19-crisis


  1. Thirdly, we came across a great interview by former P&G marketing leader Jim Stengel of Wendy Clark, who has recently become Global CEO of Dentsu Aegis (joining September) in the CMO Podcast. She talks at length about her time at Coca-Cola and DDB and her belief that you produce your best work when you ‘be yourself’. Asked what’s keeps her fresh and creative, she talks about always ‘being curious’. A really good listen.

Here is the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wendy-clark-thick-skin-and-a-global-mindset/id1460604334?i=1000455479963


  1. Fourthly, we took a look at the WARC Guide to marketing in the COVID-19 recession, Les Binet, Group Head of Effectiveness at adam&eveDDB, explains why this recession is different and why the normal rules of business may not apply, at least for a while. This is an excerpt from Les Binet’s article ‘Navigating COVID-19: survival, adaptation and recovery.’

Here is the link: https://warc.com/newsandopinion/opinion/marketers-need-to-take-a-more-nuanced-and-thoughtful-approach-to-the-covid-19-crisis/3584


  1. Fifthly, a piece on those Zoom calls and this time from the Harvard Business Review to refine how you manage your calls. There is a knack to stop zooming out in meetings.

Here is the link: https://hbr-org.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hbr.org/amp/2020/05/stop-zoning-out-in-zoom-meetings


  1. Sixthly, Forbes ran a piece this week on Though leadership with a number of contributors on the post pandemic advertising and media landscape. So many businesses will need to change for what has been the biggest disruption in 75 years, those brands that play nicely – will do well.

Here is the link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bradadgate/2020/05/22/thought-leaders-weigh-in-on-the-post-pandemic-advertising-and-media-landscape/amp/


Time for the Work: it’s a shoutout for Mother this week – for their ‘KFC is back’ work.
KFC marks the reopening of its UK stores with a tongue-in-cheek ad spotlighting fans’ homemade attempts at fried chicken. The campaign uses real images of customers’ culinary efforts – some better than others – all done during lockdown. https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/kfc-well-here-mother/1683542


Back to Henley: With the loss of the regatta and all the various summer festivals, it’s unprecedented but still optimistic times for Henley this summer. So ‘Henley on Hold’ is better than being ‘Henley on the Brink’, as it was when we had the floods. https://www.facebook.com/hobbsofhenley/photos/a.172804612766488/3424727737574143/?type=3&theater


Wine: We were fortunate to take a holiday at the end of January before lockdown, to Chile and Argentina. Our Malbec’s from Cobos arrived this week, so we had to give a shoutout to two of the best wineries we visited in Argentina. Firstly, Zuccardi https://zuccardiwines.com/en/ and secondly Cobos. http://vinacobos.com/ Look out for them, if you ever get the chance to visit the Mendoza – they are both truly wonderful, and the steaks aren’t bad either.


And finally, Beer: we turn to a local business in Marlow this time and one close to many hearts the Rebellion Brewery – and an inspiring piece on how it has pivoted its business during the crisis. Brian Walmsley writes this blog and it really brings home how well the business has adapted. It’s a great beer and it’s a great business.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-pivot-your-business-inspired-rebellion-brewery-brian-walmsley/?trackingId=%2FCnOROtDLHspy%2Bx9CZdnnQ%3D%3D


This is our last Weekly Review (during the lockdown) and we hope they have been of interest and helpful for those marketeers making decisions and for those furloughed. We have been asked to keep them coming – but have decided to do a Monthly Roundup from the end of June. If you would like to unsubscribe, please simply drop me an email by reply.


Now that lockdown is easing, we’re looking to help you with your agency reviews, evaluations, and marketing projects. Please do get back in touch, to see if we may assist you at this time.


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