Monthly Review – April

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for April – we’ve chosen three key articles, an outstanding presentation, a podcast and a book preview – if you missed any of them, have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are available on our website.

We can’t wait for the 17th May and a return to more normality, pubs and restaurants reopening – even a pint of beer inside, as clients look to reset their agencies and brand objectives.

1. Our top pick this month comes from the WFA Conference, and a inspiring concluding session by Mark Ritson titled ‘Growth and Peril in Purpose’. Mark has been a Marketing Week columnist for the last ten years and runs the Marketing Mini MBA programme. He has an outspoken way of challenging the marketing & advertising norm – in what he provocatively refers to as a industry run by arse-hats.

Here is the link:

2. Second, we pick Julian Douglas’s latest podcast as the new IPA President. At university Dougie ran a graduate printing press, before he got an opening into advertising landing at WCRS, and then sought to work at BBH on Audi, dismissing a career in derivatives. He’s always had a side hussle running a karaoke company, Lucky Voice – what he calls a distraction, but it taught him how to pitch and run a business. It’s an interesting podcast hearing about his singalong, an Oasis in the making.

Here is the link:

3. Third, we pick a piece from last month’s Harvard Business Review. The Covid-19 pandemic upended a marketer’s playbook, challenging the existing rules about customer relationships and building brands. One year in, there’s no going back to the old normal. Here are 10 new marketing truths and some key learnings.

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4. Fourth, we have for a long time been a fan of Simon Andrews of Addictive and his Friday fix. This is Fix lite which is the free version, but there are some good links here and the deep dives have powerful content, so why not subscribe to his service which is just £2 a week.

Here is the link:

5. Fifth, we pick a piece by Andy Nairn titled, ‘Data is your rocket fuel’ whilst some Marketeers have said data is the new oil Andy believes this expression has been similarly used as pre-noucements for integration, personalisation and experience. It’s a good preview and he has a book out in June.

Here is the link:

6. Sixth, our book preview this month is from someone we’ve known for some time through different agencies and consulting projects. Paul Cowan’s new book is titled  ‘Connecting with clients for stronger, more rewarding and longer lasting client relationships’. The book contains new ideas derived from the world’s leading relationship experts. Insights from over 500,000 pieces of client feedback worldwide. With tips and guidance from an adman, organisational change agent, couples’ counsellor and co-founder of The Client Relationship Consultancy. Dip into short chapters and discover a valuable insight on every page. A must read for all agency folks out there.

Here is the link:

Media: How Media consumption has changed over the last ten years, how many minutes do you spend on media, this is a good media read

Time for the Work: We’ve picked the new spot for British Airways in light of the fact we would all like to be flying again. But, we have also picked a super special ad that probably changed the world of advertising it was RIP for Nick Kamen this month and in the words of Sir John Hegarty this ad changed Nick’s life.

Back to Henley: Well it is at last beginning to brighten up here in Henley and a chance to be outside. No regatta booms to be seen, that’s delayed until w/c 9th August but we’ve picked this fabulous picture for you, taken of the river at dawn by local photographer Russell Cleaver.


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