Monthly Review – August

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for August – we’ve chosen an excellent Marketing Webinar and five key articles this month – if you missed any of them, have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are available on our website.

As we move into September, it is still WFH for most of the larger organisations. It’s time to be looking at your agency resourcing and brand plans for 2022. We’re on hand to help and advise you – optimising the performance of your agency structures.

1. Our top pick this month comes from Marketing Mini MBA guru Mark Ritson. Mark delivered this Webinar in July ‘His 10 Biggest Marketing Heroes’ as a prequal to his Mini Marketing MBA series starting in September, it turns out Wharton is highly connected – it’s a good webinar. (1.38)

Here is the link:

2. Second, we pick another piece by Rishad Tobaccowala. This one conflicts with Mark Ritson above – who sticks more to the tried and tested 1950’s Neil Borden’s Four P’s / Marketing Mix – the updated or rehashed 5P’s or 5C’s are never as good as the original in it’s tin.

Here is the link:

3. Third, it’s always good to see Marketing spend heading upwards, we came across this piece on P&G sales and it’s super positive.

Here is the link:

4. Fourth, Here and Now – originally published in Campaign – Charles Vallance, founder of VCCP gives his view on Immediacy and it’s a very good read.

Here is the link:

5. Fifth, we all love a good beer ad, and who better to write this review than Jeremy Lee of the Creative Salon.

Here is the link:

6. Sixth, London startup Craig+Bridget are off and running – this is their latest punchy blog.

Here is the Link:

Time for the Work: It’s a Pick this month for Avanti West Coast and their feel good work by Adam & Eve London, inspiring and challenging creative work in a difficult category of travel.

Media: Anthony Swede has written this reflective piece on the media industry and what it has taught him.

Ageism in Advertising: is it the Kingdom of failure, an interesting blog on ageism in advertising and we thought it’s worth including, given so many agencies are ‘letting go’  creative wisdom.

Back to Henley: It’s great to have the festival season back in Henley, we had a belated 5 day royal regatta in the second week of August, the TRAD boat Festival in the last weekend of August and the Music festival is yet to come. We loved this Henley picture which will be in the press next week – no Pitch consultant/Intermediary does a better boat trip.


Book Alert: Will Greenwood and Ben Fennell launch their book this week. World Class, how to lead learn and grow like a champion. A gifted athlete will identify space and opportunity faster than anyone else, a visionary leader will do exactly the same. In a team packed with difference, generosity is often the most precious commodity. Difference needs to be celebrated and embraced, it’s a two way street. Launching on September 2nd, you can pre-order a copy here at

We’re here to help you with your agency resourcing structures, agency reviews, evaluations and benchmarking to improve your marketing performance, so do contact us for anything we can help you with.

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