Monthly Review – August

This is our monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for August – we’ve chosen just four key articles, a research series and a book launch, if you missed them and have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our Monthly reviews are available on our website August was a relatively quiet month, we hope you managed to get a summer break somewhere and didn’t have to rush back to avoid quarantine. It’s Autumnal here – it’s back to school – and back to work.

  1. First up, and our top pick this month is an absolute gem from one of the wisest people in the creative and media business. A newsletter piece by Rishad Tobaccowala on the five traits of great leaders. The six keys to a company culture. The importance of libraries. He has just released his second edition of a ‘free newsletter’ I’m subscribing, are you?

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  1. Secondly, we pick a piece by the Boston Consulting Group on how to lead in the new reality. A really good read on what the future holds.

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  1. Thirdly, you have to admire the energy and the creative oomph of new London agency Uncommon. This agency never seems to stop or sleep, here Natalie Graeme gives her view on the new work normal.

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  1. Fourthly, we pick an article in the HBR by Nirmalya Kumar and Koen Pauwels titled ‘Don’t cut your marketing budget in a recession.’ We like those clients like Coca-Cola and Singapore Airlines, and in the UK to a lesser extent Birds Eye who see the need to keep advertising as a responsibility. In today’s environment is the agency world bleeding?

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  1. Fifthly, we had a special instalment this month from MDC Partners who have become the benchmark holding company for researching Covid-19 in the US. MDC released their Special report on ‘a look back to see what’s ahead’. It looks at 6 months of weekly tracking research from the Harris Poll, changing American lifestyle and opinions, and how these factors could impact lives in the long term.

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  1. Sixthly, Excerpts from Experts. You have probably gone through a few tones of reading over the Spring/Summer break. If you need a refreshing dip-in and dip-out Marketing read, the best and brightest of the marketing world come together to impart their hard-won wisdom for a great cause. The Foreword is by Mark Ritson, proceeds of this one go to NHS charities working together, some great learnings, so do buy it!

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Time for the Work:  Our Top pick this month goes to Adidas and Iris for a lovely spot on the return of sport. Fantastically produced, under the constraints of lockdown, it’s definitely a hat-tip to creativity.

E-Commerce: If you read one article on Direct to Consumer and E-commerce trends read this written by the smart people at Common Thread it’s a must read on what’s next for retailing.

Back to Henley: And we are blessed to have a new local neighbour. Henley resident and ‘Queen of Cakes’ Mary Berry guest edited a special edition of Countryfile last week featuring, visiting among Bosley Patch market garden as well as locally reared beef from English Farm at Nuffield and cheese and butter from Nettlebed Creamery. Never shy of the camera, she showed us how to produce the best end of summer BBQ. If you missed the programme you can watch it on iPlayer


September is here, there is talk of pitches again, both on Zoom – and face to face meetings. While some intermediaries remain quiet, we kicked off a pitch process for a retailer this morning. Sometimes the needs of your organisation requires a new approach, a refresh, a new Christmas campaign, or a transformation. Are you ready to review?  we are here to help you.

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