Monthly Review – February

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for February – we’ve chosen just six key articles, a podcast and a book recommendation, if you missed them and have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are now available on our website Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine as they face the most dreadful living conditions.

1. Our top pick is an inspiring piece written by Janet Balis on the Five ways Marketing leaders can drive value in 2022. It’s a well written piece by the Leader of the EY Consulting Professionals in the Americas and EY’s CMO Practice. CMO’s need to seize the shift and re-double their commitment to transformation. As the pace of digital transformation continues, marketers are now taking centre stage in their organizations, connecting the dots across customer needs and data, business priorities, and the digital agenda. Well worth the read, or the article can be listened too as well and shows how the HBR is having a re-juvenation.

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2. Secondly, we love a trends piece – we came across this website and Trends report that makes good reading. It’s curated by Niko Pajkovic and it’s a really good source.

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3. Thirdly, we had to pick this exceptional piece on Learning to learn, by Rishad Tobaccowala from his substack series: the Future does not fit into the Containers of the Past. Edition 79.

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4. Fourthly, new research by Ipsos reveals that in the last three months 47% of British workers have either looked for another job (29%), thought about quitting their job (26%), applied for another job (13%) or spoken to their employer about resigning (6%). Is the Great Resignation really going to happen?

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5. Fifthly, from the Great Resignation to the Great Migration – to the Great Inflation. It is time to get creative.

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6. Sixthly, we pick our last piece this month from Ben Thompson at Stratechery, on digital advertising – their website is a great fountain of content and one we highly recommend.

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Time for the Work: No surprises this month, we have to pick a Superbowl spot and congratulations to Lucky Generals and Amazon for this brilliant spot. This London agency is setting the standard for the Superbowl with consistently outstanding creative work.

Media: Tesco warns of the declining reach of TV advertising despite setting up their own In House Media operation.

E-Commerce: The UK is the leading ecommerce market according to Mastercard.

Back to Henley: Everything crossed – we have got through to the end of February without any serious snow, with the frosts lifting there have been some crisp mornings besides the river.


Book Recommendation: We’ve been on our holidays this month – we wanted to highlight a really good read for a long flight. Sent to us by an agency during one of our pitch processes – we finally had time to get through it – there are some great learnings.


We are here to help you with your agency resourcing structures, agency reviews, and benchmarking to improve your marketing performance. It will be great to catchup with you.

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