Monthly Review – February

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for February – we’ve chosen five key articles and a podcast this month. Curated specifically for your sector, all our monthly reviews are now available on our website.

Our February highlights:

1. Our Top pick this month and a great read, is a piece from Rishad Tobaccowala’s series – the Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past. It’s edition 186, The Rise and Fall of Giants. When companies like AT&T, IBM, General Electric and General Motors were the world’s leading organizations in the 20th century, it seemed as if they might always occupy their lofty positions.  Few could envision the emergence of new, dominant companies and industries.  Apple, Google, Amazon and others rose with astonishing speed to become leaders in their categories. Will this new era of the four shifts of power, demographics, mindsets and technology bring about a tectonic change in the corporate landscape?

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2. Secondly – we pick the Investor Chronicle piece by Jennifer Johnson. Best-selling products give companies an edge – and, as prices rise, branding has never been more vital to keep consumers buying. Brand loyalty is one of the great enigmas of business: it’s tricky to build, perhaps even more difficult to maintain, and it can be lost in an instant. For companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, to take just one example, it can also be the difference between outperforming their peer group and falling behind.

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3. Thirdly, we pick this piece from the HBR. The future of marketing is Intergenerational. Demographics suggest that Americans over the age of 60 will soon become a larger consumer group in terms of income than 20-to-34-year-olds, yet companies still position their brands as if the bulk of the market is people under the age of 40. The answer, however, is not to shift marketing strategies from one generation to another. Research has suggested that boundaries between generations are fuzzy, if not arbitrary.

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4. Fourthly, we’ve picked this piece from the Creative Salon this month, on the learnings from Surfer.  What makes a great beer ad? Reach, Frequency, Emotion, Creativity and Conversational Currency we say. Bafta winning director Jonathan Glazer’s seminal ‘Surfer’ spot for Guinness is a quarter of a century old this year. What can it teach us today?

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5. Fifthly, why is no one in advertising talking about sustainability anymore. Last year was the hottest on record, and climate disasters claimed tens of thousands of lives and cost billions of dollars. So why does it feel like the climate crisis has fallen off marketers’ agenda? Sent to us by Tina Fegent, it’s from Contagious and it outlines some of the pressures facing Marketeer’s

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6. Sixthly, we had to pick this excellent podcast this month. He’s the agency leader who always tells us – he is ‘just getting warmed up’ – Ian Millner is the Chair and Co-Founder of Iris Worldwide, a leading marketing agency, doing extraordinary things and operating as an alternative to the ad-led supergroups. This is a conversation with ideas and people at its core, and it’s clear that part of Ian’s success is down to his passion for enabling cultures driven by creativity and curiosity. He explains how he set up the business and how Iris has created value for a lot of people.

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Media/AI: It’s AI for a change this month – and despite the jargon in this webinar – its insightful on the differences between ChatGPT V’s Gemini. Which one produces better content (and how to make the best use of each platform). Sent to us by fractional Marketing consultant Matthew Gaunt, it highlights how Neil Patel has worked with so many different companies.

Time for the Work: It’s congratulations to Cadbury’s and VCCP again this month for their ongoing Cadbury work. Cadbury’s Easter campaign, enables people to hide chocolate eggs for their loved ones, and it returns – with a twist.


Back to Henley: Henley featured on the programme ‘Roux down the River’ on the Food Network this month. We have a new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Caroline Newton – a great local choice. Our weekly column in the Henley Standard continues where we interview local entrepreneurs. It’s called Let’s Get Down to Business. We were delighted this month to interview Nigel and Jo Eddon, partners in Honeys of Henley. They are bee farmers who produce seasonal honey and are passionate about it.

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