Monthly Review – January 2021

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for January – we’ve chosen just four key articles, a piece of academia, and a book launch, if you missed them and have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are now available on our website  It’s been a pretty busy start to the year, quite a few media reviews are in progress, as clients look to ramp up activity and build back better.

1. It’s a top pick this month for Rishad Tobaccowala and his piece 8 Management Lessons. One of the smartest writers in the industry at the moment, this is part of his series: The future does not fit in the containers of the past – Edition 22 – It starts with: there is no substitute for hard work!

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2. Second, we pick an interesting piece on how technology has brought changes to marketing, but are these changes here to stay, written by Professor Ian Ryder for the Worshipful company of Marketors, and sent to us by Murray Chick.

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3. Third, has the pandemic transformed the office forever? This is a really interesting piece written by John Seabrook in the New Yorker, with comments from R/GA’s CEO Sean Lyons – it questions ‘what’s an office for’ and goes on to show team-based, open-plan layouts and satellite office are the future. But with so many now working from home, the hybrid office seems a logical approach. It concludes – without the people the office is merely an empty shell.

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4. Fourth, we pick a piece written for the HBR, by Christine Moorman and Torren McCarthy, on why CMO’s must adapt their social media strategy post pandemic. As the Covid-19 pandemic pushes consumers to spend more time online, social media becomes an increasingly important part of the connection between brands and their customers.

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5. Fifth, we listened to Sir Martin Sorrell being interviewed by David Wheldon, in the WFA Interview included in last month’s review. Sir Martin mentioned you can get an A+ at the Harvard Business School if you then mentioned the great George C Lodge case history, well we did some digging and found the case study link.

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6. And Six, it’s chapeau this month to Lucky Generals founder Andy Nairn, who has just launched a book called Go Luck Yourself, through Harriman House. It’s all about the role of luck in building a brand and is packed with inspiring and practical ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour. For an extra bit of karma, Andy’s giving all his royalties to a great organisation called Commercial Break, who help working class kids get a lucky break into the creative industries. You can pre-order it now from or from Amazon


Time for the Work: We’ve picked the hard hitting creative work for the NHS this month. With cross-agency collaboration between MullenLowe, OmniGOV, freuds, MMC and 23red
 it features hospital staff and Covid-19 patients and it reminds the public of the extreme pressures still facing the NHS.

Ecommerce: A shoutout for Econsultancy’s Ashley Friedlein and Richard Robinson for their webinar this week on Digital and Marketing Trends 2021 and Beyond. A well attended and thought provoking session.

Back to Henley: Well it’s an absolutely stunning place to live but congrats this month go to all these eateries round Henley that have just been awarded their new Michelin stars and plates status. We can’t wait for them to re-open.

Temple cold

And finally: There are massive implications for brands, as they accelerate their online customer experience and ecommerce capabilities exponentially. We have seen three years of the digital transformation journey in six months – consumers are relying on online and contactless experiences more than ever, which is creating a surge in digital signals. For marketeers, it’s a time to review, take back control, be agile and build back better.

We are here to help you with your agency resourcing structures, reviews, and benchmarking to improve your marketing performance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call – it will be great to catch up soon.

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