Monthly Review – March

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for March – we’ve chosen five key articles, a podcast, and a presentation on Moody-Britain this month. If you missed any of them – have some time, they are all well worth a catchup. All on Reviews are now uploaded on our website

Here are our March highlights:-

1. Our Top pick this month, we’ve gone for the latest piece from Rishad Tobaccowala’s series. The future cannot fit in the containers of the past – all his pieces are an excellent read. It’s a great piece on Connectedness this week.

Here is the link:

2. Are the advertising networks fighting back? The big six global agency groups added 32,000 jobs in 2021, more than making up for the 24,000 lost roles in 2020 and taking their total headcount to 408,000, according to an analysis by Campaign that’s 8.5% growth in staff numbers.

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3. Thirdly, we’ve picked a piece by Andy Brown of Gartner on the State of Marketing budgets from their Annual CMO Marketing Report – it’s a valuable set of insights.

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4. Fourthly, for many years Guinness has had stunning advertising through AMV BBDO. With St. Patrick’s Day in March, Cheltenham and plenty of rugby at Twickenham it’s full flowing but worth the wait. This article written by Elliot Leavy at Creative Salon gets our pick, just love watching the fantastic old ads.

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5. Fifthly, It’s all Google or is it? This article we picked as an interesting view on the dominance of Google in the UK market place.

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6. Sixthly, we’ve picked the Growth House Podcast where CEO Ben Fennell interviews – Henley local – mindfulness speaker and 25 years former Benson helicopter pilot/ squadron leader Sarah Furness. Sarah is an inspiring speaker – hear why -  ‘when it comes to opportunity your arms have to be the right length.’

Here is the link:

Moody-Britain: A presentation given by the McCann Uk WorldGroup on the state oof Britain, at their new Bishopsgate offices. McCann showed the trends from their latest Moody Britain research which paints a face of Britishness today. It was good to be back in face to face meetings, Here is the link:

Time for the Work: We picked the Campaign School Reports. Is that time of year when the agency School reports are published, discover which agencies were scored ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’ and read their full report cards. This year’s particularly good with the opinion of UK Editor Chief Gideon Spanier, it is actually the one edition of Campaign – we always refer back to each year. Well done all.

Media: How Goodstuff found Stagwell, it all seems to be going swimmingly well for Goodstuff. A month off pitching – settling down the business – they are back out there winning again.

Back to Henley: We always like to support our local businesses in Henley through the Henley Business Partnership, so we were delighted when they picked us for Member of the Month. This month we are doing extra in introducing businesses in Henley to each other. It was great to take another twelve businesses to the Bremont Manufacturing and Technology Centre last week.


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