Monthly Review – March

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for March – we’ve chosen four key articles, an inaugural speech made by the new IPA President, and a weekly blog – if you missed any of them, have some time they are well worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are available on our website With lockdown lifting, more widespread vaccinations, groups of six outside, there’s hope that the economy will begin to bounce back as clients reset with their agencies.

1. Our top pick this month is an inspiring piece written by Rishad Tobaccowala on What is Strategy? This is part of his series: The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past, a brilliant series of blogs that are really worth following. It’s edition 31 this month and it’s ‘strategy fantastic.’

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2. Second, competing in today’s landscape requires connected, seamless commerce experiences across every step of the customer journey. This piece looks at the strategies for the new era of e-commerce – always on, and always present, it uses research from Forrester, this report highlights dentsu, it shows how each provider measures up and helps eBusiness and channel strategy professionals select the right one for their needs.

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3. Third, we’ve pick the inaugural IPA President’s speech made by Julian Douglas, aka Dougie. Dougie made his speech from Manchester on Accelerating agency opportunity 10x. We’ve always believed there is agency life outside the M25, it was refreshing to see Dougie take this stance to accelerate opportunity and promote the nation’s creativity.

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4. Fourth, we picked a piece by Mark Ritson that appeared in Marketing Week last month. Mark outlines the 14 steps to an effective presentation and there are some good learnings.

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5. Fifth, we picked up a trend piece from Gideon Spanier at Campaign, that we are seeing in other clients. With the ending of lockdown there is a need to shift brand consideration levels, a definite shift away from performance marketing to brand re-consideration. It will fuel a surge in above the line advertising again as brands optimise their media buying.

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6. Sixth, Simon Andrews has been writing a fantastic blog Friday Fix, that we read and always try to share on a Friday morning. He gave us an Easter special for Fix Insider, fix Merchant+ and it’s a deep dive on retail, really worth a read and definitely one to follow.

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New Agency Alert: Last month we featured the US agency Proto, their positioning as an innovation agency. This month from London, we’ve picked a ‘very bright new agency’ Craig + Bridget who are seeking ‘your problems’ To see their credentials click below.

Media: We came across an Ebook produced by DEG Digital on the 12 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021, it introduces the key shift that will impact your marketing strategy and it’s a good all rounder.

Time for the Work: We’ve picked the outstanding brand extension work for Marmite – Dynamite this month. We’re a fan of the Chilli launch, great work by Adam and Eve for the Unilever brand, but also a smart bit of thinking by Autoglass. We love a good old fashioned ‘outdoor media build’, and a timely piece of guerrilla marketing. Great work folks.


Office Working: Will the office return, well hot off the press, this piece suggests the office will be more a place for collaboration, hot desks and zoom rooms going forward.

Back to Henley: A bit of a special this month for all watch lovers as British watchmaker Henley based Bremont have opened their new manufacturing and technology centre. They are now offering tours of ‘the Wing.’ We can’t wait to see the new factory, and the new ranges are just superb. There’s a virtual tour, a factory tour, we’re coupling it with a Slipper launch tour – do call us we can arrange it.

Have a great long Easter weekend. It will be great to catch up properly again. We are here to help you with your agency resourcing structures, agency reviews, and benchmarking to improve your marketing performance.

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