Monthly Review – October

Our Monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for October – we’ve chosen five key articles and a podcast this month. Curated with your sector in mind, If you missed them & have some time they are all worth a catchup. All our monthly reviews are available on our website.

Our October highlights:

1. Our Top pick this month is a piece from McKinsey & Company on Courageous Growth. Six strategies for continuous growth outperformance. Fewer than one in four companies outpace their industry peers on revenue and profit growth. New McKinsey research reveals the six mindsets and strategies that set these growth outperformers apart, and it’s a great read.

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2. Secondly, we’ve picked the Digital Native stack  -10 charts that capture how the world is changing. Rex Woodbury curates this substack and there is always interesting marketing content to be consumed.

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3. Thirdly, we’ve picked an IPA report, introduced by Les Binet, that covers econometrics in the C-Suite. Econometrics has new relevance right now for those wanting to make marketing more accountable, more effective and more profitable. This is according to industry experts who have set out a strong case for the statistical method in a new IPA publication, Econometrics and the C-suite – evidence-based decision-making for business, unveiled at the IPA’s flagship EffWorks Global 2023 Conference.

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4. Fourthly, we’ve gone with Rishad Tobaccowala’s article on Time. It’s part of his series ‘The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past’ and its Edition 168. Time dissolves more problems than man solves. This article gives you five ways to make the most of your time.

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5. Fifthly, we’ve gone for an unusual piece on ‘Turning low value meetings into high impact Workshops’, from a former colleague Mette Davis and it’s a really interesting read.

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Sixthly, we pick an excellent podcast from the Marketing Society. The Buy Side is an Unofficial Partner series of conversations about sport and sponsorship with brand marketers. The guest is Kevin McNair, Marketing Director of KP Snacks, whose career includes previous senior marketing roles at Unilever and PepsiCo. This podcast discusses the high profile sponsorship of The Hundred, the ECB’s controversial short format cricket competition and discuss the work of Professor Byron Sharp and Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, which shapes the decision making of KP Snacks and other major marketing led companies.

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Media: Andrew Tindall of System One has recently released a book on Audio. It’s full of groundbreaking research on audio ad creativity. The summary of the research is in this 15-minute video. 

Time for the Work: We had to pick the new ‘Bravo Brian’ campaign from one of our clients Rana this month. It shows what an ambitious brand, with a modest budget, entering the TV media world can deliver. So it’s congrats to Rana, BMB and Bountiful Cow this month for delivering Italy’s best kept secret.


AI: Another big month for AI – the AI Summit was held at Bletchley Park. PM Rishi Sunak interviewed Elon Musk and ‘we were told that AI will mean that people will no longer need to work.’ The AI book to read is by Mustafa Suleyman. It’s a stark and urgent warning on the unprecedented risks that a wave of fast-developing technologies poses to global order, and how we might contain them while we have the chance – from a co-founder of the pioneering AI company DeepMind.


Back to Henley: It’s a little colder here in Henley and the river is now in spate. Our weekly column in the Henley Standard continues where we interview local entrepreneurs.  It’s called Let’s Get Down to Business. We were delighted this month to interview the fabulous Rebecca Poole, Aka Purdy, of @PurdyMusictv.

It’s the Adforum Worldwide Summit, here in London next week, so we will include the key highlights from those sessions in our November Monthly Review.

We are here to help you with your agency ecosystem, resourcing structures, and benchmarking to improve your marketing performance, do give us a call with anything we can help you with.

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