Monthly Review – September

Our monthly Round-up of the key pieces in Marketing for September – we’ve chosen a digital book launch, a new edition newsletter and four key articles. If you missed them and have some time they are well worth a catchup.

September was a month when we began to get back to more normal, the beginning of pitches again – so here are the highlights:-

First, we start with an exclusive digital book launch featuring insights and advice from 22 of the best minds in marketing. From the fresh and inspiring to the counterintuitive, “Build Brilliant Brands” brings together the latest thinking on what’s changing in marketing, what hasn’t changed, and what needs to change. The advice, insights and opinion shared by Nicola Mendelsohn is timely, she has worked with the Facebook EMEA Client Council to bring the book to life and inspire the next generation to #BuildBrilliantBrands

Here is the link: you can download a copy here:

Secondly, we have picked Rishad Tobaccowala’s (great name) new edition newsletter, a regular arrival into our inbox. It’s always a very good read. Here he highlights six thoughts for the next six months. Edition 6 and Edition 7 are out now. He has also done a piece on the six re-occuring client needs.

Here is the link:

Thirdly, we’re a great fan of R\GA – in particular our Brit-strategist and now turned New Yorker Tom Morton. He knows a thing or two about strategy. No doubt he will soon be donning his lumberjacket to fetch his NYC Christmas tree, calling the Presidential election as a non voting referee. But here he shares his strategy diet and it’s a good one.

Here is the link:

Fourthly, we selected another good piece from this month’s Harvard Business Review on Strategies for better group Decision Making This article outline seven strategies, the better the quality of the decision-making process and the interaction between the group members, the greater your chances of reaching a successful outcome.

Here is the link:

Fifthly, we liked a paper sent to us by London Media agency – the Kite Factory. When to spend on your brand, and when not to spend -  It’s a well written paper and informed view, a hidden gem within a complex media landscape.

Here is the link:[UNIQID]

Sixthly we picked an interesting piece from this month’ s BCG update as digital marketeers race to meet the needs of the new era. Most brands have not reached full digital marketing maturity.

Here is the link:


Time for the Work: We’ve picked Adam and Eve’s latest commercial for Lloyds Banking Group. A well shot commercial made this summer, using the ongoing black horse theme. We’ll leave you to judge.

Media: This month saw the launch campaign of the Land of the Independents, a new grouping promoting their media creative wares with a simple proposition – brand owners need media partners that are entrepreneurial, agile, inventive and build genuine client-first, service cultures. It’s good to see agencies talking shop using their medium.

Back to Henley: It’s not often you have a new gin in town. Award winning Hobbs 150 was launched this month and it’s an excellent ‘clean and crisp’ gin. Described by the IWSC as having “An intriguing nose opens up to luscious fruitiness and creamy spice – as well as being Appealingly decadent”  We just like it as our local Henley go-to-gin.


October is here, and the rain has arrived, sometimes the needs of your organisation requires a new approach, a refresh, a new Christmas campaign, or a brand transformation. Is it time to take advantage of the Christmas peak, time to refresh your marcomms for 2021.

We’re looking forward to getting back to the norm and catching up again.

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